Remarks from the President

– What is "added value" in business? –
If you take an overview of the modern world, you see all kinds of phenomena changing rapidly and becoming more complex, and it's clear that values are growing more diverse. In all of that, it's vital to achieve sustainable development, and a flexible business that can respond to change with added value is needed.

– What is "added value" in the real estate business? –
Living conditions are changing along with everything else, and can cause social problems. I believe we must create living environments that endure, and that we can pass on to the future. As a businessman, not only do I want to help solve social problems through my work, I strive for added values that are not only new, but unique.

Representative DirectorTomotsugu Aoki

– What is the "added value" we believe in? –
In order to create a living environment with a sustainable urban form, we value original opinions. Our goal is many-leveled. We want to be a business that: helps improve living environments and advances society and economy; continues to lead the industry; and discovers new value amidst change and advances with the times.

I believe that the added value we seek is not in building new buildings. I think it's in helping change the way we see so that we notice anew those things we take for granted, the background to our lives.

I want us to continue together to discover the value added when we change our points of view.

Company Name
UNIX Co., Ltd.
July, 2010
Capital Stock
10,000,000 Yen
Tomotsugu Aoki
Sakaemachi Building 4th floor, Kita 42 Jo Higashi 15-chome 1-1, East District, Sapporo
Types of Business
Real Estate Trade, Investment, Management,
Renovation, Damage Insurance Agency
Licensed by Minister of Land, lnfrastructure and Transport (1) #8923
All Japan Real Estate Association,
All Japan Real Estate Federation
Nihon Kyosai Co., Ltd.