To Overseas Investors

We strive to create an environment where overseas investors can feel peace of mind engaging in real estate investment in Japan. We continue to expand service areas throughout Japan from our current focus in Hokkaido. We offer a full range of services after purchase as well, with detailed proposals from practical asset application to property management. The first step is to contact us!

Property Search Consultation /

We can offer consultation on property buying and investment in English. We are also moving to offer support in other languages to better understand our clients' needs and address their requests.

Contract Execution, Property Hand-over

We offer careful explanations of items such as the contract, disclosure statement, various costs, and taxes at time of contract. With document translation and interpreter introduction, we offer the support you need to sign with confidence.

After Service

We offer clients continued peace of mind after purchase. We offer property management, rent collection, tax declarations and payment, and other related services.

We have payment securing services for sales transaction!
Secure and riskless transaction using a trust account

Many of the investors may have problems such as “I have no bank account in Japan.” or “I’m concerned about putting a large amount of purchase price in a bank account in advance.”
Unix can provide secure and riskless real estate transaction services using a trust account.

Advantages of using our services

You can settle your transaction without having an account in Japan.
There is no need to open an account in Japan because our services are based on the scheme that uses a trust account.
It is managed by a reliable and successful listed company.
The settlement process will be completed smoothly on the settlement day.
Upon pooling your funds in a trust account in advance, the transfer of funds on the settlement day will be completed smoothly.
Your important funds are securely preserved.
Even if a trustor or trustee goes bankrupt, your transaction funds put in trust will not be affected and will be securely preserved due to bankruptcy remoteness of the trust.
※Using trust account services
“Trust” here means a system that a trustor commissions the management of property to a trustee for a beneficiary.
In other words, it is a system that a real estate agent commissions the management of cash as transaction funds in a trust account to a trust company as the third-party institution for a purchaser.
In Japan, trust companies are required to be licensed or registered.
In our trust account services, both a seller and a purchaser can use them without going through the complicated trust agreement process.
The deposited transaction funds are securely kept in a trust account and when a sale condition is satisfied they will be released to a seller by instructions of both a real estate agent and a purchaser as a matter of principle.
Using a trust account will lead to a secure and riskless real estate transaction.

To Foreign Residents of Hokkaido

Hokkaido and the Sapporo region are popular with foreign residents, especially those from Asia. The number of tourists also continues to rise. And yet, for those who come and want to live here it can often feel like obstacles on the path to making that dream come true are insurmountable. We are here to help clear the way, as well as aid in creating a more comfortable home and living environment for all.