Primary Trade

Focusing on the Sapporo area, we deal in real estate investment properties like single-building apartments, condominiums and detached houses. We look to increase property values with renovations suited to the needs of the time and area before putting them back on the market. The value we add to these properties contributes to a recycling-oriented society. We have a full support system for distant customers, as well.

Information Gathering

High quality information is essential to real estate investment. We at Unix use our unique network of financial institutions, lawyers, and other companies in the business to gather fresh, accurate information before it hits the market, then offer it to customers as early as possible. Naturally, we do our best to ensure that the information quality, as well as our verification and judgement of it, are worthy of our clients' trust.

Optimum Proposals

Investment profits can vary dramatically based on interest rates and loan periods. Unix takes the lead in introducing the perfect financial institution for your real estate investment loan needs. What's more, we take extra care in always making the perfect proposals for our investors, from tax-reduction strategies, to effective property management planning from time of purchase to eventual sale.

Asset Formation Assistance

Vacancy: a risk in apartment management. To maintain a high level of tenancy, first you need to ascertain the rental market in the area, and establish a suitable rent cost. We are constantly analyzing the ever-changing market to offer support for stable asset formation. Our belief is that sound advice from a long-term point of view is the best guarantee of profits.